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Dog Walking Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Do you work long hours?

Are you busy with your family’s crammed schedule? Do you find it hard to take long walks every day? For many, it can be tough to fit in the daily walks dogs and puppies thrive on.

We can help. We take your dog out for a brisk half-hour walk around the neighborhood—and practice a few manners along the way.

You Get:

A happier, better-behaved dog. Daily exercise can greatly reduce bad habits like jumping, chewing, and barking. And it’s a must for puppies and young dogs.

Peace of mind. Say good-bye to guilt! No need to worry about your dog if you work long hours or have a busy day away from home. We’ll do the walking for you.

Superior service. A professional trainer walks your dog, not a temporary employee from a big franchise. Your dog enjoys half an hour of full-on attention and fun.

Optimal safety. Bill Petraglia is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross.

Email or call 412.559.6610 today to book your spot.


$20 for a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood.


Do you train my dog while you walk him?

We practice your dog’s existing good manners, but our walking service is for exercise and potty breaks only. For training options, see the Dog Training page.