All About Canine Care

A passion for well-trained dogs. The skills to deliver.

My name is Ian Bulow and I am a Chiropractor in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. My wife and I have three little girls, and last year we got our first family dog; a Rottweiler named “Torque”. Torque is AWESOME! We are so glad we invested in a family dog, and we are very appreciative of Bill Petraglia of All About Canine Care and the help he gave when we first got Torque.

You see, if you are going to do anything in life, you are better off doing it right the first time. Bill helped us to lay the groundwork for a positive relationship with our new family pet. I was not about to have a 100+lb dog in my house unless he was properly trained!

Bill came to our home, was very courteous and kind, and truly got to know my wife and I. He asked about our specific needs & wants regarding Torque, and created a specific plan to help us in our goals. I can’t thank him enough for setting us on the right path. Torque has been a blessing in our life and I would like to personally thank and endorse Bill for all he does and what he did for us. Knowledge is the foundation for anything that lasts, and Bill gave us the needed knowledge to start our puppy off right!

Thanks Bill.