All About Canine Care

A passion for well-trained dogs. The skills to deliver.

Need help with your dog or puppy?

Bad manners? Problem behavior? New puppy? Let us help. We turn dogs and puppies into well-mannered pet companions that are a pleasure to live with and safe around your friends and family.

You Get:

  • A customized program. What would you like? We tailor the training to your goals and focus on getting you fast relief from problems.
  • Timesaving options. We can train your dog for you, saving you months of weekly classes.
  • Peace of mind. Rest easy knowing you will work with a certified professional—who uses only dog-friendly methods.
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Bad Manners Jumping Barking Digging Pulling on leash Not paying attention
Problem Behavior Growling at other dogs Protectiveness of food, toys Shyness, anxiety Barking or lunging on leash Nuisance barking
Puppy Training Housebreaking Soft-mouth training Problem prevention Handling Socialization
Also basic to advanced obedience and bird dog training.


Step 1. Initial consultation. We take a full history of the problem and evaluate your dog. We give you exercises and tools to improve the situation right away. Step 2. The training program. We design a tailored program for you and your dog or puppy. Either:

One-On-One Training: We coach you through the training in a series of 1-hour sessions scheduled at your convenience.


Day Training: We train your dog for you when you’re at work or busy elsewhere. We then show you how to maintain your dog’s improved behavior in weekly transfer sessions.


All dog or puppy training sessions are $75/hour.
boy with dog  
Q&A Really? You’ll train my dog for me? Yes. You get a better-behaved dog—without the effort and without having to send your dog away to be boarded. You’ll see fast improvements when a skilled professional is doing the training. Q&A What do you mean by dog-friendly training? Positive reinforcement training, based on the science of animal learning theory is the foundation of my obedience programs.
Bird dog training available