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Thorough and Professional

I found Bill through an online search to help me with our two adopted puppies. Even before meeting or discussing training services, Bill spent 30 minutes with me on the phone giving me advice as a very overwhelmed new dog owner. I could tell he really cares about dogs and ensuring that both the owner

Rohit Phatak

Muffins friend Bill

Bill came to our home for 8 weeks and every week our 21/2 year old Cavapoo Muffin looked forward to his visits. We felt Muffin responded well to her training, even the many tasks that she was asked to preform. We were very pleased with Bills approach and training, our only regret is that we

Gretchen Coppin

Our dog responded well and enjoyed the training!

I employed All About Canine Care to help with housebreaking and manners training for our toy Pomeranian puppy. I found this service via an internet search. I was pleased to find Bill was very competent as a trainer, as well as professional and organized. Our dog also responded well to Bill and enjoyed the training

Marian Goetz

A Truly Professional Dog Trainer

Having previously utilized a different dog trainer with another dog, I was more than a little surprised when Bill started working with my Labrador puppy. First, he was able to “connect’ with my dog from the outset. As our sessions continued I was amazed not only with what he taught my dog, but also what

David Damico

Professional service

Bill provided excellent professional one-on-one training with our Golden Retriever puppy, Charlie. He meet with us and set up an individual plan for Charlie. During the 10 one hour session, Bill trained us and Charlie in the comfort of our home. Having the training in our home was important to us. Charlie was comfortable there

Monica Lane

Bill was kind, patient, and taught me the skills I needed

My dog Riley and I had a great experience with Bill and All About Canine Care. Riley was very hyper, jumpy and didn’t listen. Bill was kind, patient, and taught me the skills I needed to work with Riley to help desensitize her and train her. She has made tremendous progress in the 13 weeks

Shari Jones

Personable, professional and very knowledgeable

Bill has done an amazing job with my 9 month old dachshund, Penny. As a first-time dog owner, I was lost and nervous about training my puppy. Bill put me at ease immediately and helped give me confidence in training Penny. Bill is personable, professional and very knowledgeable! He gives so much above and beyond

Christina Tarantola

We’ve been to other trainers, and never got results that could come close

I contacted Bill about training my 3-year old labrador who, quite frankly, had become something of a spoiled princess. I was impressed during the initial consultation with Bill and his ability to calm her down almost immediately. Lucy spent an hour a day for 3 weeks with Bill, and she is a completely different dog

Abby Barker

I would recommend Bill to anyone

I would recommend Bill to anyone. Our puppy was paper trained, and we could not get her to understand to go outside. It was very frustrating. Bill came to our home and evaluated the situation and told us step by step what to do. Rylie is doing much better, and we are enjoying our time

Ruth and Dave Butler

Our dogs are happy and obeying much better

Hi Bill, We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful way you helped us with our two weimaraners (8 months old). The training you provided was effective and very informative especially the way you always explained the reasons behind the exercises you were performing. Our dogs are happy and (a work in progress) obeying

Ed and Jill Cyphers

I would recommend Bill for any training large or small

My husband and I brought Cam into our lives last November. Cam was an 11 month old mix lab/retriever from a rescue shelter and was very skittish and hard to focus but smart. If we didn’t get him under control, we saw Cam as being the master and we would be the follower. In came

Melanie Gefert-Azur

Bill helped us to lay the groundwork for a positive relationship

My name is Ian Bulow and I am a Chiropractor in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. My wife and I have three little girls, and last year we got our first family dog; a Rottweiler named “Torque”. Torque is AWESOME! We are so glad we invested in a family dog, and we are very appreciative of Bill

Dr. Ian Bulow, D.C.

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend All About Canine Care

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend All About Canine Care for the care of your pets. Bill Petraglia is very knowledgeable and skilled in the care and training of dogs. This becomes first apparent when you and your pets meet with Bill during the initial interview. He is very thorough in gathering information

Gloria Aiello

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