All About Canine Care

A passion for well-trained dogs. The skills to deliver.

My husband and I brought Cam into our lives last November. Cam was an 11 month old mix lab/retriever from a rescue shelter and was very skittish and hard to focus but smart. If we didn’t get him under control, we saw Cam as being the master and we would be the follower.

In came Bill! Bill approaches dog training very professionally. He met with me to determine the goals of the training, provided information concerning puppies and dogs needs and characteristics, and set expectations as what we could expect. Thru out the program, he provided insight into dog handling. I’ve had dogs all of my life so I thought I was pretty well versed but Bill provided a lot more knowledge.

The training program was 8 weeks in length, 5 days a week, with one day, a “transference day”, or as I would call it, a train the owner day!

Bill successfully trained Cam on the general commands. But we gave him a few challenges as well. We live on a Farm and Cam would chase vehicles coming on our property. Since we have large trucks visiting, we were concerned with Cam’s safety. Bill, within 4 sessions, was able to get Cam to “wait” when a vehicle came onto the property!! Cam also would bark when anyone entered the property. Now with a “SHHH” command, he stops!

I would recommend Bill for any training large or small. You won’t regret it!