All About Canine Care

A passion for well-trained dogs. The skills to deliver.

I contacted Bill about training my 3-year old labrador who, quite frankly, had become something of a spoiled princess. I was impressed during the initial consultation with Bill and his ability to calm her down almost immediately. Lucy spent an hour a day for 3 weeks with Bill, and she is a completely different dog now. She understands what is expected of her, responds to commands with little hesitation, and has become the dog I knew she could be. She’s so much easier for me to handle, and she seems happier following my lead (instead of the other way around!). Bill’s ability to develop a rapport with her was amazing. In fact, I can’t mention his name out loud without Lucy assuming we’re headed to training! I appreciated the fact that his training techniques are rooted in positive reinforcement, and that even when needing correction he displayed tremendous patience. I also appreciated Bill’s patience with me as he trained me to handle Lucy. I learned a lot about my own body language, tone of voice, and consistency – things I hadn’t considered prior to Bill’s instruction – that are making an incredible difference in the way Lucy responds to me. Lucy and I are continuing to work on the skills Bill taught us, and I’m looking forward to taking her back for more advanced training in the near future. I would recommend Bill to anyone who is looking for an exceptional trainer. We’ve been to other trainers, and never got results that could come close to what Bill accomplished with her. Lucy and I have a much better relationship now, and we’re both so much happier!